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Waxler Hospitality Group is a BBB Accredited Management Consultant in Worcester, MA

Customer Service Training


Teach AAA Four Diamond Customer Service for Numerous Industries.

Job Description

•    Server
•    Hostess
•    Bartender
•    Manager

•    Culinary Team

Wine Service

•    Serving Wine in Dining Room

Dessert Service

•    Dessert & Coffee Service

Concepts of Guest Satisfaction

•    How to increase and maintain.
•    How to create a "seamless" restaurant.

Goals of Restaurant  

•    Increase covers/customers
•    Increase market penetration
•    Attain highest rating for food and service


Organization of Restaurant – Front and Back:

•    Prevent Defects
•    Reduce Cycle Time
•    Improve Customer Satisfaction/Retention
•    Improve Employee Satisfaction/Retention
•    Ambiance

•    Mystery Shop
•    Improve Market Penetration

•    Increased Revenue
•    Improve Market Development
•    Improve Profit
•    Implementation of mise en place

•    Menu Development


Short History of Restaurant Service

•    The origin of the restaurant

Restaurant Service Staff and Their Work

•    Organization of the restaurant service

Preliminary Arrangements for Welcoming Guests
•    Make Your Guest Feel Welcome

Service in the Dining Room

•    Serving Techniques